Let us introduce to you the Family Connect Child Care Planner, Organizer, Calendar & Journaling System for parents and child care professionals that is an incredible intuitive tool, with its all-in-one convenient structure that provides a day, weekly and monthly layout for an entire year or two. All-encompassing around your child's needs that identifies progress, goals and an organized yet user friendly, robust model to keep track of the essential needs of 1 to 3 children’s information.

Let’s check out some of its extraordinary benefits…

The Family Connect Organizer provides care givers a first line of defense reference source starting with for example the “General Information Section,” to the “First Day of Placement Assessment,” section to the “Journaling” section and everything in between. Enabling care givers and child care professionals the ability to maintain an account of all the child's personal, health, education, finance... that may be used as a vital and crucial point of reference to share with child welfare specialist, social workers, educators, health & mental health providers, legal counsel just to name a few...

The customized design also provides the flexibility to use all or selective components of the organizer based on the child's, care givers or child care professional needs.

The Family Connect Child Care Planner, Organizer, Calendar & Journal is broken down into 9 designated sections that provide user friendly, structured entries that once completed makes an extraordinary point of reference guide regarding children’s information, history and can be share and passed on to future child care givers, including parents.

Features of this Extraordinary Organizer includes;

• Structured tracking components of child’s personal information, activities and habits enabling you to have quick hands on accessibility.

• Monthly caseworkers interactive reports.

• First Day Placement Assessment and Health History

• Behavior Monitoring Logs

• Interactive forms that enable you to record child’s info for the purpose to share with welfare workers, social workers, health provides, education provides, etc.

• 8.5 x 11 inches perfect large letter size

• Calendar & Journal

• Matte finish and soft cover.

• Light weight. Easy to carry around.

• Made in the USA.


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